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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

The adventurers ride into a new city after having completed some dungeoneering or other adventurous activity. Upon entering the city, the find all the streets decorated with ribbons and garlands. They are even given a tax holiday from the local collectors. Upon asking around, they find that the local prince is getting married to the daughter of the neighboring duke.

The following day, crowds gather near the city keep, and all the roads near it are shut down by the city guard. The wedding is held in the Great Cathedral next to the keep. Upon the completion of the marriage, the prince and his new wife appear to the populace and give their first married kiss. Bells ring throughout the city, and the crowds go wild.

A parade is then completed in the area, with the local nobles in carriages and surrounded by mounted cavalry in their finest equipment. All of the rich merchants and nearby nobility are in attendance, and participate in the parade. The parade goes to a rich mansion located nearby, where all the rich and famous mingle in a great party.

Adventure opportunities:
1. Assassins attempt to kill a member of the wedding party, whether it's the king, the duke, or the bride or groom. The PC's may be implicated, or might be in a position to stop the assassins.
2. Nobles hire the PC's to act as guards.
3. A jealous baroness hires the PC's to cause a scene with the bride, that will make her look bad, preferably without being implicated themselves.
4. An evil sorcerer tries to curse the bride, and the PC's must stop him.
5. Evil cultists attempt to poison the wedding party, and the PC's find out about it only hours before the wedding.
6. Ratmen from the sewers plot to kidnap the Duke or King, and the PC's have recently discovered their lair.
7. A dragon picks that day to try to burn down the city and the city guard is completely unprepared because of the wedding. The PC's must jump into action.
8. The bride knows the PC's from her own city, whether as heroes or villains, and will let her groom know about them if they attend the wedding.
9. The PC's are local heroes and are guests of honor. The local nobles try to use them to further their own plans.
10. The PC's are wanted for a crime they may or may not have committed. If they attend the wedding or the parade, they will be recognized and the city guard will attempt to arrest them.


Matt Finch said...

Sweet. Nice use of current events for extra points!

Dan said...

I did watch the wedding, and while long, it was pretty cool.