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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holystone - The Tower of Tiafel

The Tower of Tiafel

This old, run-down tower is located on the southern outskirts of Hilltown. Rocks have toppled from the top and lay scattered about the base of the tower. The tower is haunted, but has been there for so long that it is mostly just avoided. A few adventurers have entered the tower in an effort to clean it out, but none have ever returned. 

Centuries ago, it was the abode of an elven enchantress named Tiafel. She lived here when the area was still a forest, before the city was built. Elves living in the area say that she was killed by a man that she loved. His name was Roderick, and he was a human rogue and minstrel. 

Roderick wooed Tiafel for weeks, claiming he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. Unfortunately for Tiafel, Roderick was far more interested in her treasure than her love. Once he had located her more valuable possessions, he planned to steal them and leave the area forever. He waited until a day when Tiafel was upset about something, and started a great argument. He then told her that he was leaving.

Tiafel was distraught and tried to charm him. Her spells failed, as he had an amulet that protected him from charms. Realizing that she would never stop chasing him, Roderick knifed her and watched her die. After murdering Tiafel, Roderick began to loot the tower. He had loaded up a pack mule and his horse, when to his surprise, Tiafel rose as a banshee. Tiafel took bloody vengeance upon the thief, dragging him into the tower and keeping him alive for days before he died. 

She now roams the tower, often glimpsed on dark, moonless nights by the locals. During thunderstorms, she has been known to wail at the sky, still mourning Roderick’s betrayal and her own untimely death. 

It is rumored that the horses bolted into the forest upon Tiafel’s arrival, carrying much treasure with them. The treasure was never recovered, in any case. 

Unbeknownst to anyone, Roderick is now a wight and is chained to the wall on the third floor of the tower, unable to escape. He still wears his amulet, although it no longer does him any good. If encountered, he will plead with the adventurers to release him, lying about how he was imprisoned by the “evil banshee”, and that he will help them to defeat her. Of course, if he is freed, he will attack his rescuers. If it becomes obvious that he will not be freed, he will just scream and jump up and down in a tantrum. If attacked, he can only get about five feet away from the wall before the chains stop him.


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