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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holystone - City Guard Patrols

City Guard Patrols
City Guard patrols vary according to the District and for holidays or large gatherings. 

Throughout the Lord’s City, Guard patrols consist of one mage (M3) and two soldiers (F2). These men often have noble or wealthy merchant relatives. They are well-schooled in the treatment of nobles and how to deal with normal citizens who don’t belong in the area. Their main concern is making sure the nobles are not bothered by anyone.

The North Ward patrols feature three soldiers (F1 or F2). They are mostly concerned with maintaining a quiet neighborhood and protecting the businesses and houses of the merchants. 

The Market District patrols are two man teams (F1 and T1), focused on settling arguments and catching thieves. 

The Docks has squad patrols of one mage (M3) and four soldiers (F2 and F1). These men mostly break up fights and guard ships and warehouses. New recruits are often stationed here to learn the ropes.

The Gates has squad patrols of four soldiers (F1 and T1). They are mainly concerned with directing traffic and watching the prison. This is also a prime location for new recruits.

South Ward, the Wharf, and Fishtown have squad patrols of four soldiers (F2, F1, and T1). They maintain quiet neighborhoods and protect the citizens from thieves.

Cliffside has a special detachment of the City Guard composed of dwarves and halflings. They travel in small groups of two or three soldiers (F2, F1, and T1). They are mostly concerned with keeping the riff-raff of the Triangle out of the neighborhood. 

South Point features squad patrols consisting of a mage (M2 or M3) and four soldiers (F2, F1, T2, or T1). They protect the warehouses and businesses, and make very sure that the Triangle border is well patrolled.

The Triangle is not well-patrolled. About once a month, a company of 100 City Guard will sweep the neighborhood, rounding up felons. 

The City Guard does not patrol Hilltown. Specially designated halfling militia perform all the of the police duties there.

Tent City is also not generally patrolled. Maybe once per evening a squad of City Guard will go through the area, just to make its presence known.

City Guard Uniforms

City Guardsmen wear quilted or leather armor under a blue tabard featuring a yellow lighthouse. They may have a steel pot helm. They carry maces and daggers. If needed for crowd control, they will have a shield emblazoned with the city’s heraldry.

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