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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Holystone - Marshall's Menagerie

Marshall’s Menagerie

Marshall’s Menagerie is a mix of carnival, circus, and zoo, and is located on the east end of Tent City. Ringmaster Milo Marshall (T4) is the owner and operator of the Menagerie. The Menagerie is open every day from the afternoon until around midnight. Opening and closing times vary, depending upon weather, the amount of people at the Menagerie, or holidays.

There is a zoo with many mundane creatures and a few exotic monsters. Part of it is a petting zoo with goats, sheep, dogs, and other friendly creatures. Pony rides are available for children. The main section contains a lion, a tiger, a few elephants, some bears, a pair of camels, a bugbear, a gnoll, a griffon, a couple lizardmen, an owlbear, and a rust monster (that is kept in a wooden cage). It costs 1 sp per adult and 1 cp per child to explore the menagerie.

The circus features Mirabulos the Magnificent (M6), who specializes in illusions. There are also acrobats, a dancing bear, a griffon rider, troubadours, clowns, and mock jousts between “knights”. An evening at the big tent costs 1 sp per adult and 1 cp per child. The show starts at 7:00 and ends around 9:00.

The carnival outside the big tent has many games of chance to win prizes such as stuffed animals, toys, or cheap jewelry, a fortune-teller (maybe a real diviner or maybe a charlatan), exotic wares on sale from across the sea, and many food and drink stands. 

Some gypsies work the carnival, performing knife throwing tricks and dances for the crowd. Milo encourages them and maintains good relations between the carnies and the gypsies. The two groups ally themselves against anyone else who might harass them.

A priestess of Luna (C3) has a small tent set up, open to any who would seek her help. Usually, she just offers a non-magical blessing for luck to visitors before they play the games at the carnival. She and Milo have a deal where she won’t grant any carnival-goers magical luck.

A priestess of Mabb (C7) also has a small tent, hidden in the carnival grounds. Only a follower of Mabb or those actively seeking her aid are able to find it. The tent will not appear until after night falls. The priestess does not help followers with things like luck at the carnival games. She is only concerned with matters such as adulterers and professional thieves. Milo knows her tent is around but has never found it.

There is a freak show behind the big tent, for those who wish to see it. It features a few cambions, a few deformed humans, a room with illusions that affect the appearance of those who enter, and a ghoul chained to a wall. How the ghoul is fed is a mystery. Entry is 1 sp for adults and children. 

A burlesque tent that features musicians and strippers is located near the freak show tent. Elven and halfling prostitutes work the crowd. It is very popular. Local minstrels try very hard to get a gig here, as it pays very well. A bar serves wine and ale. Entry is 2 sp and no children are allowed inside.
Milo has a few hired guards wandering the grounds, mainly to prevent brawls and catch thieves. Brawlers are sent home and thieves are turned over to the city guard.

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