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Sunday, May 2, 2010

WotC Monster Slayers

I saw this on Bat in the Attic. WotC has made a game for smaller kids to play D&D called Monster Hunters. It's available as a free pdf download. I've looked through it, and it's pretty cool. I'm glad they are reaching out to kids with their games. I think it's also pretty evident that many gamers are old enough to be parents these days. I wonder how many teenagers are still playing, or have the demographics shifted largely to the twenty-something crowd?

I know many of the old school gamers are old enough to be parents, and more than a few are grandparents nowadays. If I'd gotten married when I was 20, I'd have an 18 year old kid now. It's kind of scary ;).


Nick said...

Dan-- Just noticed that you are a PA blogger. It's nice to see my home state starting to make some noise in gaming circles. I grew up in the Burgh, although I haven't called it home in 18 years.

Anonymous said...

Just an entry for your statistics-I'm 22 and involved in OSR (we play AD&D 2nd and S&W WB soon!)