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Monday, December 30, 2013

Annual Blog Cleaning

Just did my annual cleaning of the gaming blogs I follow. In all, six gaming blogs got removed, as none had updated in over a year. There are a few more that are over 10 months, but I didn't delete them, as you never know if they might reboot.

It's a shame so many gamers start blogging, and then just stop. I know my output dropped dramatically this year, but I still managed at least a couple posts in my worst months. It is really hard to post if I don't have a project, as I did all my pontificating a few years back, and am quite frankly burned out on that stuff.

So, here's hoping a bunch of new gamers start blogging, and tons of great material gets published for me to steal for my games. Hahahaha!

Bushi d6 - money

There are three standard types of coins used: gold koban, silver ichibuban, and bronze mon. There are 100 ichibuban to one koban. There are 10 mon to one ichibuban. Mon are made with a square hole in the center for stringing them together. Koban are only used for large trade transactions, and as currency between nobles. Most people only see ichibuban and mon in daily life.

All prices listed for equipment are in silver ichibuban unless noted with an (m) for bronze mon.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bushi d6 - Samurai Family Names

Samurai Family Names

Honzu (Imperial Family)
Retainer Family: Minase.

Gojo (Great Family)
Lesser noble families: Asukai, Daigo, Kaoin, Oimikado, Reizei, Shijo.
Warrior families: Asai, Honda, Ishida, Kusonoki, Okuba, Shibata.

Ichijo (Great Family)
Lesser noble families: Aburakoji, Hirohata, Kuga, Matsuki, Nomiya, Washio.
Warrior families: Askikaga, Fukushima, Kaga, Matsudaira, Suwa, Ukita.

Konoe (Great Family)
Lesser noble families: Inokuma, Jimyoin, Kawashi, Nanba, Rakujochigusa, Shimizudani.
Warrior families: Date, Hachisuka, Mori, Miyamoto, Okamoto, Takezaki.

Kujo (Great Family)
Lesser noble families: Anenokoji, Kajuji, Konjo, Nakayama, Sanjo, Tokudaiji.
Warrior families: Hojo, Kato, Kuroda, Murakami, Tanuma.

Takashi (Great Family)
Lesser noble families: Imaidegawa, Karasuja, Masachika, Saioji, Shigenoi, Yamashina.
Warrior families: Chosokabe, Heike, Hosokawa, Kuki, Ooka, Saito, Takeda.

Unaffiliated warrior families: Genji, Hattori, Maeda, Oda, Shimazu, Takigawa, Tokugawa, Watanabe.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bushi d6 - Honzu Empire Timeline

This is a basic timeline. More to be added. I won't go back 5000 years like most fantasy settings, as it would not really matter to the adventurers.

Timeline for the Empire of Honzu.
(IA = Imperial Age)

-500 IA The City of Nekoji founded.
-450 IA The neko begin trading with the human barbarians on the island.
-350 IA The City of Kujo founded.
-330 IA The City of Ichijo founded.
-300 IA The City of Honzu founded.
-290 IA The City of Konoe founded.
-260 IA The City of Gojo founded.
-240 IA The City of Takashi founded.
-200 IA An oni army nearly destroys Gojo, but is finally repelled with the aid of Honzu.
-198 IA Honzu conquers Gojo.
-93 IA Honzu conquers Ichijo.
-55 IA Honzu conquers Kujo.
0 IA Honzu conquers Takashi. Honzu Shuzo becomes the First Emperor. The City of Honzu is renamed Miyako.

9 IA Imperial armies are repelled from Sarumori.
30 IA Konoe joins the Empire.
79 IA A massive oni army rampages through the center of the Empire. It is finally defeated west of Takashi.
81 IA The Empire forms an alliance with Nezoka.
122 IA An oni army attacks Gojo, but is repelled.
157 IA A dragon flies over the city of Kujo for a few days for some unknown reason. A festival is started in its honor the following year.
163 IA A warfleet from Konoe destroys a pirate haven on the islands south of Nagazawa.
165 IA Yamashina Tetsu slays Daigo Kazuo in a duel at the Imperial Palace, to settle a border issue between House Takashi and House Gojo. Takashi wins some territory from Gojo as a result.
168 IA Pirates reestablish a stronghold on the islands south of Nagazawa.
170 IA Current year. Death of Emperor Ryoto. The Civil War begins.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bushi d6 Armor


Samurai wear dou armor when going into battle. Anyone wearing a dou while not actively with a military unit will be challenged by the local samurai, therefore samurai tend to be unarmored most of the time. Samurai do wear jingasa and hachi gane without armor, and this is socially acceptable, but provides no in-game armor bonus.

A set of dou armor consists of the Dou (cuirass), Kote (gloves), Kabuto (helmet), and Suneate (boots). The Jingasa (armored coolie hat) and Hachi gane (headband with forehead armor) are sometimes worn in place of the Kabuto, especially by poor samurai. For battle, many samurai wear a Sashimono (back banner), with nobles wearing a Horo (cloak for nobles).

A set of dou armor provides 3 armor points. At the GM's discretion, he may allow a character wearing only one or two pieces of armor (often the jingasa) to provide one armor point.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bushi d6 - weapons and armor

Melee Weapons Damage Cost 
Bo Staff  +1D+2  1
Dai-tsuchi* (hammer, 2h) +3D 12
Jo Stick (club) +1D+1  1
Kama +1D+1 2
Katana (sword) +2D+2  30
Manriki-gusari (chain) +1D+1 3
Naginata (polearm) +3D  10
Ninja-to (sword) +2 D 5
No-dachi (Sword, 2h)  +3D+1  50
Nunchaku +1D+2 1
Ono (battle axe, 2h) +3D  10
Sai +1D+1 2
Sasumata (man-catcher) +1D+entangles 4
Shuko (climbing claws) +1D 1
Sode-garami (sleeve entangler) +1D+entangles 4
Spear  +2D  3
Tanto (knife) +1D  2
Tessen (war fan) +1D 5
Tetsubishi +1D 1 (f)
Tetsubo* (maul, 2h) +3D 8
Toami Jutsu (weighted net) entangles 3
Tonfa +1D+2 2
Wakizashi (short sword) +2D 10

*Weapon ignores one point of armor.

Missile Weapons Damage Ranges in Feet (S/M/L) Cost 
Aiguchi (throwing knife) +1D 5/10/15 3
Blowgun poison 10/20/30 5 (f)
Daikyu (Longbow) +2D+2 30/100/300 50
Nageteppo (egg grenades) smoke 10/20/30 1
Shuriken +1D 5/10/15 1
Yumi (Bow) +2D 30/80/250 30

Armor Type Armor Value  Cost
Dou (lamellar armor) 3 50

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bushi - Honzu Empire

My Samurai D6 game is currently going under the name Bushi. I have uploaded a map and a very brief setting introduction. Both are pdf files. I am leaving the map mostly empty, so GMs can modify it to fit their campaign. I may add in one or two more locations, but then again, maybe not.

The game is mostly going to be based upon Mini6, from AntiPaladin Games, but with my own tweaks.



Please feel free to provide feedback. I've got lots of stuff not listed, such as Minor Families, Bushi Families, Monsters, etc., but I'm nowhere near done with them.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

D&D 5e next summer

Announcement HERE

I'm not surprised. If anything, I would have expected it sooner. Wizards has to be hurting on sales, since they will have gone almost two years without a "living" edition of Dungeons & Dragons in print.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Working on Samurai D6 game

I'm working on a D6 game focused on samurai. It will be a weird mix of real Japan and fantasy. Characters will all be samurai. Most will be human, though naga (snakemen), neko (catmen), saru (intelligent monkeys), and nezumi (ratmen) will exist as player races. I'll make a new map, but a lot of the names will be based upon Japan. 

Brief intro 

The Emperor is dead. The five Great Families are maneuvering to take the throne. War is already breaking out. You are a bushi samurai, either working for a clan or wandering as a ronin. You may fight in great battles, or just defeat local bandits or monsters. The choice is up to you.

Not sure if or when I will put this on the web. For right now, at least, I just want a good, rules-lite samurai game, and none really exist (L5R has gotten way too rules heavy).