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Thursday, December 23, 2010

WotC shut down index site for 3e

WotC sends Cease and Desist letter to website

Now it will be interesting to see if they come after the clones. The clones are definitely more direct competition than a site that indexed most of the 3e materials. If they do, I expect most clones to disappear. Even if the publishers are ok via the OGL, Hasbro has very expensive lawyers that can ruin their day. Who is willing to hire a lawyer to prove that he has the right to publish OSRIC, S&W, or LL?

In addition, WotC has started removing all their "classic" material from their website (3e and before). I recommend grabbing what you can if you want it.


Timeshadows said...

This should prove to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Drawing a line in the sandbox, are they?

So, when are the WotC sponsored earlier edition book burnings scheduled? They must make sure we only have access to the CORRECT edition.

Yay! Now we go underground and plan the revolution!


The Grey Elf said...

I doubt WotC will go after the retro-clones. I never visited Crystal Keep but as I understand it, that site reproduced large chunks of the books without permission and without the use of the OGL. That's a pretty clear violation of copyright. So long as the retro-clones stay above board, WotC won't go after them.

Dan said...

Grendel, the whole argument about people coming in and taking your gamebooks is old, trite, and dumb. I'm talking about current and future support for games I like.

Jason, I hope you're right. But with flagging 4e sales, I would put nothing beyond managers and lawyers grasping at straws.