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Monday, October 3, 2011

D&D 5e in the works

I'm sure most of you have heard by now, but Monte Cook was recently hired to work at WotC again in R&D. Margaret Weis confirmed that he is working on 5e over the weekend HERE. She's Queen of Darkness on that forum, and her post says: "I've talked to friends of Monte's who are friends of mine and they all say, Yes, he's working on 5e!  Margaret"

I'm not surprised at all. From everything I've heard, 4e has been a disappointment for WotC. Many players either never switched to it, or tried it and didn't like it. I know I gave it a whirl. While I think 4e had some cool ideas (healing surges, fighters having innate abilities), I think it was way too big of a departure from all prior editions.

Now the interesting story will be if 5e adds stuff back in from 3e, or if it goes even further off the trail into new territory. I suspect they will backtrack a bit in order to recapture old fans, but who knows? Maybe that ship has sailed, and D&D will become an IP for movies and video games, and the tabletop rpg gets abandoned after another year or two.

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Antonio said...

If the last months' posts and the recent by Monte are an indication of the things to come, it will definitely be interesting! Just the last post fires a huge torpedo at one of the basic assumptions of 4e (and partly 3e.)