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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I bought the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg

I really had no intention of purchasing this, but I was at the comic store today and they actually had a copy. It's not very expensive for the big hardback and the module, so I ended up buying it. I probably won't actually play the game, as I have no intention of buying even more goofy dice.

Stuff I noticed:

Androids are in the monster section.
Cthulhu is a Neutral God (he should be Chaotic, dammit!).
The War God is Lawful (I'll be changing this to Neutral).
I didn't really need the Troll Lords in the game, but it is a kind-of-fun inside joke (and the pic kinda sucks, since it's obviously based on modern real people who wear glasses).
Overall, I liked the art, though some pieces were a little poor.
I don't know that I'd want to use the funnel system of four 0-level characters. I suspect I'd just create a 1st level character, if I ever do run this (keeping in mind the hit point gain from Level 0).
Magic seems cool, though I think mutations will be an issue for a long campaign.
I am not sure I like all of the critical tables. Very similar to Rolemaster. It is interesting that higher level fighters have better crit tables than anyone else.

This strikes me as a perfect Fantasy Heartbreaker. However, I am positive that Goodman will be releasing a fair ton of modules for it, so it will be supported, unlike many other heartbreakers.

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