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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My perfect D&D edition

Since all of the news seems to be about the upcoming D&D 5e, I figured I'd make a list of what would be in my personal "perfect" edition:

1. Ascending AC.
2. Reflex, Fortitude, and Will Saves.
3. Fighter, Mage, Rogue, and Cleric.
4. Options to modify the base classes:
  4a: Fighters have options to gain cleric spells or mage spells, fight with light armor and rapiers, etc.
  4b: Mages specialize like they did in 2e. They can also gain special abilities based upon spec, so that necromancers can raise weak undead at level 1, witch doctors can use some healing spells, etc.
  4c: Clerics have Domains like 3e, and gain weapon use based upon their god. Not all Turn Undead, instead maybe having stuff like Thief clerics gaining thief abilities or Nature clerics basically being  Druids.
  4d: Rogues would have options to become bards, burglars, assassins, or monks.
5. Races included would be: human, elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, shifter, dragonborn, tiefling, and aasimar.
6. High level options including a decent rulership system and maybe a mass combat system (though I'm not really sold on the necessity of this).
7. Vancian magic, because I like it.

- There's probably other stuff I'm not thinking of right now, but these would all be awesome as a base starting point.


Rob Barrett said...

That wish list sounds a lot like Blood & Treasure: the class system isn't exactly the same, but the spread of classes is similar. Clerics can swap out their Turn Undead ability for domain-related abilities, magic-users can specialize, there's a mass combat system, there's a domain system, etc.

Kiltedyaksman said...

Yuck. To each their own.

Dungeon Smash said...

Say, have you checked out Dungeon Crawl Classics...?

Ynas Midgard said...

I myself was going to recommend Blood & Treasure, too. And yeah, DCC is similar, as well.