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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Player demi-gods

Been reading Malazan books again, and I am just thinking about high powered characters. I suspect the only systems that could really pull off characters such as Draconus, Kallor, or even Tehol would be a supers game. Hero 5th is likely the best option, since it is presented as more generic than supers. (It's also a pretty fine game).

Gurps was apparently used as a real-life campaign for the Malazan setting, but I don't think it would scale well at all once you get to the really powerful guys.

I love D&D, but it just doesn't seem to do high level characters well (BECMI would probably be ok, but other versions get too complex). Anyone else have any recommendations?

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Tzimiscedracul said...

Actually, given that even high-level PCs get killed quite easily (like the Tathernal god chocked to death by Ubabla) GURPS is a good source. However, I don't have enough know-how to adapt such strong PCs. For high-powered games, things like FATE or Heroquest could work.