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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ideas for a Sith campaign

I'd like to run a Star Wars campaign set on Korriban during the Old Republic era. The Sith Academy is in full swing. The players would be acolytes grouped together with other NPC acolytes. They'd train, but also be sent on various quests to test their abilities and weed out the weak.

I think this would only work with a small number of players (and would be great for a solo campaign). Any more than three players makes it too much of a group effort to really fit the concept of the campaign.

Not sure what system I'd use. Possibly D6, but I've been thinking about making a Sith class to fit into the BFRPG system. Naturally, Sith would be better than "normal" classes, so that would likely limit their utility in any standard game. But for a Sith-focussed campaign, it should work fine.

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