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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rifts rpg

I wish there was a big worldbook for Rifts, but with no stats in it. Just lots of text and lots of cool art. Keep the era near the beginning of the setting, before all the Tolkien metaplot garbage. I'd buy this book in a second.

I used to really like the Palladium system, as it was obviously based upon AD&D, but with guns and robots and magic and psychics and tons and tons of awesome stuff. It really is my favorite published setting (except for maybe gray box Forgotten Realms). It's a shame the rules are so mediocre (they are not horrible, but they are not great).

A book without rules baggage would be great, and I suspect it would be a good seller for Palladium. Sadly, I don't think Siembieda would ever consider it, as he really does believe his system is the best.


DMWieg said...

Seconded, good sir. I have a bookshelf full of RIFTS stuff, and it sure isn't because of the system. Kev's intentions aside, that book would be too big. Even with no crunch, there are nearly 35 world books and 15 dimension books!

The silver lining is that many of the world books, especially the older ones, can be had for cheap on Amazon or ABE.

I think Palladium would do well to publish a centralized system book as well, but they'll probably never do that either.

ERIC! said...

We are currently playing a "house ruled" version of Rifts, we have stripped away some of the rules in favor of a my dynamic combat system our GM found on the webz.

I got to say I wish character generation was simpler, and that it was all centralized in one book...maybe dump the classes all together...I don't really know...


Brutorz Bill said...

I agree, the setting is awesome, the mechanic; character generation in particular just doesn't work for me anymore.

kanegrundar said...

Just adding my "ditto" to the chorus. I love the Rifts setting, it's been a my #1 go to setting to mine for ideas for sci-fi and post apoc games for almost as long as I've been playing. (The Palladium Fantasy setting is great also.) As for actually playing Rifts (or any Palladium game for that matter) anymore, nope, not gonna happen. There are systems out there that can go that KS's system does a lot faster and with more internal consistency. A Rifts "fluff-only" book (well, book series) would be awesome.