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Sunday, November 21, 2010

BFRPG Shifters


Shifters have lycanthropic ancestry. 

Description: Shifters appear to be bestial human hybrids. Males are bearded, while women have sideburns. Their hair color is black, brown, gray, or red. Their eyes are black. All Shifters have pronounced canines, long tufted ears, and heavy claws. Shifters wear a minimum amount of clothing, as their nature prevents them from becoming too cold. Males average 6’0” in height, and weigh around 180 pounds. Females average 5’8” in height, and weigh around 145 pounds.

Restrictions: Shifters may become Clerics, Fighters, and Thieves. They must have a minimum Constitution of 9. Due to their bestial nature, they have a maximum Intelligence of 17.

Special Abilities: Shifters can see at night as if it were daytime. This only works if there is some light source available, such as starlight or moonlight. They do not have normal Darkvision. Due to their enhanced bestial senses, they gain a +1 bonus vs. surprise. Shifters are very fast, and have a base movement of 45’ per round. Their claws grant them 1d4 damage in combat, and are considered natural weapons which all Shifters are proficient with (Shifters do not use the standard unarmed combat rules).

Saving Throws: Shifters gain a +1 bonus vs. any Cold effects.

Middle           Old     Venerable    Age Limit

    35                50             70              +2d10

Special House Rule: Shifter Fighters may take the Profession of Claw Fighter. Their claws then do 1d6 damage and they benefit from the “roll 2d6, keep the highest” Dual Weapons rule. Shifters that are not Claw Fighters can roll 2d4 and keep the highest result if they don’t use a weapon.

A pdf is available HERE.

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