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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Carcosa's upcoming reprint

The upcoming Carcosa reprint is going to be expanded in some way according to Raggi's blog, and I hope they do more than just add some artwork. I'd love to see the various tidbits from Fight On! added in, along with stuff like Strange Sites. I would happily get all this stuff packaged into one big book. I doubt it would happen, especially due to all the different authors, but a big collection would suit me just fine. New material would also be very cool.


JimLotFP said...

Some additional material, much of it previously published in various places, will be included in the new edition of Carcosa.

Dan said...

Sounds great! Thanks!

And for those interested, I highly recommend Carcosa. Great setting, and it has some cool new rules if you use S&W White Box.