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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Improved Fighters for S&W WhiteBox

In regular WhiteBox, fighters are kind of lackluster compared to clerics and mages. I've modified my BFRPG rules slightly to improve the WB fighter class slightly, without making it overpowered. 
Fighter Professions: Fighters choose one profession during character creation and gain the associated ability. This is in addition to the normal Fighter abilities. Dwarfs and Halflings may also choose a Profession.
Archer: The Archer is a skilled bowman, and gains +1 to hit with one type of ranged weapon (chosen at 1st level).
Duelist: Duelists score a critical hit on a natural roll of 20, unless only a 20 will hit their foe. Critical hits automatically do maximum weapon damage.
Noble: Nobles gain a +1 bonus to henchmen loyalty and may have an additional 1d3 followers.
Pugilist: Pugilists cause 1d6 damage with unarmed strikes and have a +1 AC bonus while unarmored.
Rogue: Rogues gain a +1 bonus to find traps.
Scout: Scouts gain a +1 bonus to avoid surprise.
Soldier: Soldiers gain a +2 AC bonus from shields, instead of the normal +1.
Templar: Templars gain a +1 bonus to save vs. level drain attacks.
Warrior: Warriors can re-roll one to-hit roll per game session.
Weapon Master: Weapon masters may choose one melee weapon to master. They gain a +1 bonus to hit with this weapon type.

NOTE: In WhiteBox, there are no rules for unarmed combat (I don't know why). For my house rules, I just have unarmed attacks do 1d3 damage. I would also add magic gauntlets to treasure tables.
I consider Trap-Finding to be similar to searching for hidden doors.
I also use the Variant Elf class, and they do not gain a profession since they are part-time mages.


Daniel "Theophage" Clark said...

Pretty sweet!

Of course, another way to make fighters special is to adopt the thing from LOTFP:WFRP where only fighters get better at fighting by level...

anarchist said...

Being able to re-roll one attack per game session seems quite a lot better than +1 to saves on level-draining attacks.

Dan said...

You've never lost a level to a wight, have you? :)

Doc Grognard said...

Report that man to the bureau of Wights and Measures......they'll set him straight. ;)

Anyway, I really like these -I'm of the opinion that the development of 3.x wasn't entirely a waste or an atrocity; feats are well worth keeping -it allows a way to give characters a bit more differentiation without the multiplication of classes and subclasses. Well done !