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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hi/Lo Heroes

In the comments yesterday about me looking for a good superhero game, Bane pointed me at Hi/Lo Heroes. It's a very simple supers game that looks quite interesting.

For your various abilities, you choose either High or Low as your value.To use an ability, you roll 2d6. If your ability is High, you keep the highest result. If it is Low, you keep the lowest result. If you roll doubles, you add the dice together.The higher your result, the better.

The abilities are also related, so you can be either tough or quick, but not both. Or be scientifically minded or intuitive. It's a pretty clever system.

The game designer's blog is HERE. He has a number of other free games for download, as well (though I'm really only interested in Hi/Lo Heroes).

Bane, who provided me the link, has a blog for Hi/Lo located HERE.

Both blogs haven't been updated in a while, but they do contain a decent amount of info for the game. In any case, I think the game has potential, and wanted to spread the word about it.

1 comment:

The Bane said...

Glad you found it interesting, I surely did. I have even played with the idea of using the rules for different genres.

Yea, my HiLo blog hasn't been updated in a while, but I intend to fix that. Real life tends to interrupt my blogging entirely to regularly.

Would love to here what you do with HiLo, if anything.