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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If I owned D&D and was making 5e

If I owned D&D free and clear:

Simplified rules, along the lines of Castles & Crusades, but with a decent yet simple skill system.

Include a bunch of races and classes in the book, enough to cover lots of different campaign styles.

Have a really good DMG and Monster Manual. Cover stuff like domains and armies in the DMG.

Have non-spellcasters be roughly equal to spellcasters in power, even at high levels.

$5 PDF. Make some money off of this, but also it's cheap enough that most gamers will buy it.

OGL, except for the trademarked stuff like beholders and githyanki.

Forgotten Realms as the only setting. The 4e version never happened. Set it 10 years after the last 3e book. No massive earthquakes. No spellplague. No death of Mystra or other gods, etc. Make sure people don't need all of the 2e/3e books to run it, though.

Maybe lease the other old settings to other publishers, similar to how it was done with Ravenloft and White Wolf.

Give Paizo the option to restart Dragon and Dungeon magazines in print.

Advertise the heck out of the game on Cartoon Network and other channels frequented by the target customer base.


velaran said...

Interesting suggestions, though I'd want more than one Campaign Setting supported by the home company(3'd[Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Greyhawk rather than FR ;-)] be good, I'd say, but YMMV...), especially non 'vanilla' fantasy.
Don't forget a cheap, easy to play, and widely available Box Set!
Your last two proposals are especially trenchant, I'd say: everybody loves Cartoon Network, and the RPG community should have more mags on the (actual)shelves!(Thankfully Wyrm's Footprints is coming back; and continuing from where it left off ~30 years ago!)

Dan said...

I would keep the real rulebook around 200 pages (and maybe also need a MM). No Basic Set. They are a wastes of resources.

Splitting time on multiple settings is also a waste of resources. That's why I'd license them out to other companies.

velaran said...

Your call as the owner of course. :-) I agree with licensing certain aspects of RPGs, like minis and battlemats, etc....

Multiple worlds:
However, Many 2nd Edition campaign worlds made cash. It's the ones that didn't that were the problem. You don't need more than one standard fantasy setting, imo. I'm pretty sure Lisa Stevens identified that as a main issue when she was at WOTC.

Both Kenzer's Hackmaster and Paizo's Pathfinder(neither of which I would say is unaware of resource management), are cleaning up with their Basic Sets!(PIG's Ancient Oddyseys, Brave Halfling Publishing's White Box, and Green Ronin's did bang-up as well, as I understand.) WOTC's Red Box, I'm not sure about, but it's my understanding it did well, at least.

Thanx for the response.

Terrax said...

Great suggestions!! Greetings from Spain ;D