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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Celebrations

New Years Celebrations
1. The villagers light a big bonfire and everyone gets really drunk.
2. A large feast is held after slaughtering a bull, with gifts given to friends and family.
3. The eldest person in the village is sacrificed to the gods to ensure the upcoming year is better.
4. A large dance is held, with much drumming and wild costumes.
5. New Years is the one day a year where marriage bonds do not hold. Everyone has a great time.
6. A parade is held, with all of the children born that year brought forth. Gifts are given to the parents.
7. A captured goblin, orc, or other monster is placed in a wooden effigy of the local god, which is then set on fire.
8. Races, wrestling matches, and archery contests are held. The winners receive gifts and gold.
9. Magicians create colored lights that twirl throughout the town. Illusionary dragons and other creatures fight in mock battles in the town square.
10. Priests hold day long sermons reminiscing about the previous years and those who died. The townsfolk all attend and are dressed in black robes. As night falls, bells ring and the townsfolk throw off their robes to reveal brightly colored clothes. A large party then ensues (and includes the clergy).

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