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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Mini Six stuff I've made

I'm working on a standalone fantasy game using Mini Six. It's going to have a  lot of influence from D&D. It uses hit points instead of wounds. Here's a couple things I've come up with, so far:


Cure Disease

TN: 20 + Resistance Roll

Duration: Permanent

Resisted: Disease Severity

The target of the spell is cured of all diseases. Assign the Resistance Roll based upon the severity of the disease. A common cold would be an Easy roll, while the Black Death would be a Difficult roll, and a magical disease might be a Very Difficult roll.


TN: 14 + Resist Roll

Duration: Concentration

Range: 20 feet

Resisted: Charm

When cast, you can understand someone speaking in another language. You can speak limited phrases in their language, as well (I’m hungry. Where is store. Etc.). You can also read basic sentences in other languages (complicated passages are beyond this spell, though). No Resist Roll is required if the target wants to speak with the spell caster (just the standard spell roll is needed).

Tyrannosaurus Rex ***** Scale: +4D

Top of the food chain.

Might: 6D Wit: 0D

Agility: 2D Charm: 1D hp: 50

Attacks: Bite (11D damage vs. human scale)

Tail Bash (8D damage vs. human scale)

Perks: Tough Hide (+5 armor)

Static: Dodge 6, DR 5

Velociraptor *** Scale: +0D

Fast hunter.

Might: 4D Wit: 0D

Agility: 4D Charm: 1D hp: 50

Skills: Tracking 3D

Attacks: Bite (4D damage)

Perks: Tough Hide (+3 armor), Fast (Base move 25’, Runs 50’)

Static: Dodge 12, DR 3

Elemental (Air) **** Scale: 0D

Living air creature.

Might: 4D+1 Wit: 1D

Agility: 4D+2 Charm: 1D hp: 37

Skills: Brawling 5D+1, Dodge 5D+2

Perks: Insubstantial (Can only be harmed by magic weapons or spells).

Whirlwind (Can throw characters ten feet up into the air on a successful Might check vs. the character’s Might. Character takes 1D of damage and must make a Difficult Agility check or drop all items in his hands).

Fly (can fly up to 120 feet per round).

Static: Dodge 17, Block 16, DR 0

Ooze *** Scale: +2D

A living pool of acid.

Might: 0D Wit: 0D

Agility: 1D Charm: 0D hp: 24

Skills: Acid Touch 3D, Stealth 4D

Perks: Ooze (can only be harmed by fire or magic),

Acid touch (attacks do 3D acid damage and ignore armor).

Static: Dodge 3, DR 0

I have a number of other spells and monsters completed, but this should give an idea of what I'm doing. If something doesn't look right compared to similar stuff in the game, let me know. Thanks!

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Shane Mangus said...

It's great to see some Mini Six love in the OSR blogosphere! Thanks for sharing all of this.